Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cardomom Rice Pilaf - FFWD

This week's FFWD was a terrific side dish, Cardamom Rice Pilaf. We had it with baked chicken legs and cherry tomatoes sauteed in olive oil, garlic, and fresh basil. Easy meal, especially since my son made both the rice and the tomatoes and he did a great job...he cooked the rice perfectly! He used basmati rice and it tasted quite buttery.

Also this week, we made the Almond Flounder Meuniere from AMFT and it was delicious!


  1. Your son made this? Wow, he's so talented! It looks perfect :-).

  2. Congrats to your son! He did a great job! And, I've made the same flounder dish as well. It was quite tasty!

  3. It is so fun to cook with the young ones. About 3 years ago Tricia's
    youngest son was coming to Nana's after school for cooking lessons.
    We had a lot of fun working together, and than the rest of the family
    came to dinner. He did very well, and we had some incredible results.
    Your rice looks good, tell your son to keep up the good work.

  4. Thanks for the compliments, Foodiva, yummychunklet, and Nana - but I have to jump in right away and mention that my son is 19 years old :)!, it is not a stretch that he should be cooking at this point in his life :):).

    That said, he is, mais ouis, very talented in a lot of things. And he did start cooking at a young age...he was six years old when he was making the Cheddar Olives in the photo on the right>>> :)

    That is so cute, Nana, that your grandson had cooking lessons with you! It is a valuable skill to develop and wonderful times spent together.

    Now we are off to my goddaughter's soccer game!

  5. I have to add to how fun it was to have Nana cooking with my son :) And selfishly, my family got some amazing dinners each Wednesday when they prepared a full meal for us from "Nana's cooking school". Maybe I can get her to do this again :) When you added that your little one is actually 19, a lightbulb went off about my 17 year old. While they enjoy eating the FFWD...I should really start getting this kid making his own recipes here and there - or else he will end up in college eating hot dogs and microwave popcorn. Heck, if he can drive he should be able to make rice, no ? Great post !!

  6. Now that my ladies are both in their teens - it is always great when I can turn a chunk of meal preparation over to them. (My youngest wants to go to culinary college after high school). I am glad they are taking it up - since when I left home, the only thing I could make was Ramen & Dinty Moore Beef Stew out of a can - and the occasional scrambled egg.

  7. Sounds like a nice meal to go with your rice. It's great that your son has enjoyed cooking from a young age. We all have to eat everyday, so it might as well be delicious.