Friday, October 22, 2010

Hachis Parmentier - FFWD

This week’s recipe for FFWD is Hachis Parmentier. Lousy picture but rocking recipe. Basically, a rich beef stew covered with cheesy (Gruyere) mashed potatoes. I made this for my kids when they came home from college for a weekend visit. They totally loved it.

I used a chuck steak and sweet Italian sausage for the meat. Leftovers were great so next time, I will double the recipe - well, maybe triple it.
Last night I made the Quiche Lorraine (it was very good) and today I am making Gougeres for the freezer and the Spicy Vietnamese Chicken Soup for the second time (going to crisp the chicken skin in the oven - thanks to Beth for that idea :). All from Around My French Table...I love this book so far!


  1. You've been a cooking maniac. I wish I was at your house this week and I bet the kids loved that dish. Have fun. Can't wait for cake next week. I rarely bake so this is a good excuse.

  2. Yours looks lovely! It was a big hit with my family too.

  3. Hi Beth, I wanted to make the cake as well as your Harvest Bread this week but I can't eat those all by myself...DH is gone a lot of this week. He needs to be here for those!

    Thanks, Cliva, I'm glad your family liked it,t too. Such a great recipe.