Friday, November 26, 2010

Pumpkin-Gorgonzola Flans and Semolina Cake - FFWD

The final two FFWD November recipes are Pumpkin-Gorgonzola Flans and Caramel-Topped Semolina Cake. The flans were good but did need the recommended honey to make the flavors come together. We made one flan without gorgonzola for daughter who liked it just fine that way. These were super easy to make.

The Caramel-Topped Semolina Cake was not very sweet and had a light flavor and was good at room temperature as well as cold. I really liked it - like a rice pudding that was still very light. I used dates soaked in rum instead of raisins which was a mistake. I like dates more than raisins but the dates were not soft enough for this cake. I think raisins soaked in rum would be more lush and really good here so I will use them next time.

Two more good recipes from Dorie!


  1. They both look wonderful! Im glad you enjoyed the recipes! I made the cake this week and loved it!

  2. Both look beautiful...well done. Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Glad you enjoyed both. I've got to try rum soaked raisins next time. Yum!

  4. Both look great, love the golden caramel on your cake!