Friday, August 26, 2011

Cafe Salle Pleyel Hamburger - FFWD

These FFWD burgers were very good! That said, we all decided we do prefer plain burgers better (my husband's burgers are THE BEST) but these were fun to try. I did not use any cornichons (couldn't find) or pickles (I didn't realize until it was too late that the ones we had on hand were sweet pickles - yuck!). The Onion Marmalade was nice and easy to make. It just wasn't enough for four burgers. Double or triple the recipe would be best. As for the burgers themselves, we loved the tarragon hit; the capers and sun-dried tomatoes added moistness and maybe a little flavor; the parsley probably didn't add any flavor so I would probably not bother adding it next time. Also, we needed more Parmesan cheese. All in all, an interesting burger!

ETA: Some Doristas mentioned that this mixture could work as a meatloaf...I think that sounds great...will have to try :)


  1. The grill marks on your burger look delicious!

  2. I thought the burger size was too much, so I only ate half last night
    and finished it tonight. Both times I enjoyed every mouthful. I borrowed
    some of Tricia's family to help with the tasting and they enjoyed it too.
    Unfortunately, Tricia was traveling and missed a good meal. Yours
    looks so good, and that side dish looks scrumptious, is it potato salad?

  3. Your burgers look mouth-watering...juicy too! yea..I think it would be great as I see some Gaarp turned them into meatloaf :) Brilliant !

  4. Hey, we did potato salad too (with the potatoes that were supposed to be in the jar with the salmon...)
    Love how dark your onion marmalade came out...

  5. Are you saying that about your hubby's burgers because you have to? lol. Just kidding. I really loved these and would triple the onions even if they didn't need it so I could have more around for other things.

  6. That potato salad looks scrumptious! Now I wonder if I was too stingy with the onion marmalade. Yours has a gorgeous color in it!

  7. Love the sear on those burgers - they look great. We really enjoyed this recipe and I liked some of the ideas people had for meatloaf, sliders and meatballs.

    I have to say, I wish I'd served these with potato salad (and corn, as I saw on other posts).

  8. Your burger looks great! My sweetie is sticking with his plain burgers, but I think the meatloaf idea is fantastic. And agreed on the marmalade, I wanted more and will double next time.

  9. Thanks, all, for visiting & the nice comments :)

    As for my dh's burgers...they really are good - no arm twisting on that! Ground chuck with onions mixed in.