Friday, February 11, 2011

Orange-Almond Tart - FFWD

Another terrific dessert from FFWD! This is a shorbread crust filled with almond cream and oranges.

For the crust, I substituted sprouted spelt flour for half of the all-purpose flour. I only needed to add some water and it turned out perfectly. Really great flavor. I am going to try all sprouted spelt flour next time. I also ground almonds to make the almond flour. Worked fine. Our oranges weren't very flavorful but the tart was still sweet & delicious. Like a big cookie.

We had this for dessert after BLTs for dinner - a very good meal :)

I especially liked that I could pat the crust into the pan instead of rolling it out! 


  1. I like that you substituted a different flour...I might try that night time. I liked this a lot too.

  2. Spelt flour! Impressive! I've never used it before...the idea that you could use it in pastry... j'adore!

    Great post!

  3. I love spelt - it adds such a nice tone to everything. Great thought on adding it.

  4. Ooo, I've got to try sprouted spelt flour some time. Looks great!

  5. I love patted-in crusts, but I would never have guessed that 'spelt' and 'good' would go together! You've convinced me to try it!

  6. Yours looks amazing. Never even heard of "spelt" so delighted with the info. One of the reasons I love the FFWD...great photos too !

  7. Thanks, everyone!

    After reading so much about the health benefits of sprouted flours, I am trying to use them more and more. Supposedly they can be substituted directly for regular and whole wheat flours (just add a little more liquid). My breads rise wonderfully with the sprouted flours!

    I got some of the info from the book, "Essential Eating Sprouted Baking" by Janie Quinn. The Amazon page says, "An alternative to traditional flours, the sprouted variety is assimilated into the body as a vegetable rather than a starch and is more easily digested".

    I eat a LOT of bread so this is good for me. And now I am enamored of Dorie's tarts & quiches :). The book recommends sprouted whole wheat flour for breads but I've found I prefer the sprouted whole spelt flour (or a combination). Bread rises a bit higher and I like the taste even more.

    I have to make some time later to visit your FFWD blogs! Looking forward to it!

  8. Lucicara Congratulations I've awarded you a Sisterhood of the World of Bloggers Award! Check it out on my blog. Happy Valentines Day!